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Bidet Installation Video

Bidet seats can be easily installed on most residential toilets by replacing your current toilet seat.

Bidet toilet seats will instantly upgrade your bathroom experience with increased comfort and hygiene. By far the easiest and least expensive way to bring a bidet into your life is with a bidet seat.

All seats come with a T- valve that allows you to split the water supply between your toilet and your bidet seat.

Electric vs. non-electric bidets

For electric bidet you will need a outlet close to the toilet to plug it in. If you need to connect it to another outlet in your bathroom near the sink, simply replace the outlet with a GFCI socket (if it doesn't have one) and use an outdoor-rated extension cord until you can hire an electrician to install an additional outlet.

Most electric bidet seat models can direct the flow with an adjustable nozzle and have adjustable pressure and oscillating movement. Other features might include heated seats, air drying, variable water temperature, night lighting, automatic bowl cleaning, and automatic seat lifting using occupancy sensors, and are operated via remote control.

Non-electric bidet seats do not require an electrical outlet and only use water pressure and mechanical valves to adjust the water stream, have been selling for less than $100.

It simply mounts between the ring of your existing toilet seat and the bowl and requires no electricity (which in most cases means you won’t get heated water).

All of these use the simple basic design, some of which can adjust the nozzle positioning, where some have fixed nozzle capabilities.

Installing a bidet seat, yourself is easy

The installation of these products is relatively straightforward, as shown in the included video with this article. I demonstrated Kohler Puretide which is one of the lowest-priced non-electric bidet seats on market. I loved it. Simply beautiful and functional even without hot water.

They require only a wrench and screwdriver to do the installation and connection to existing plumbing. A typical installation should only take about 10-15 minutes, which includes removal of the original toilet seat, cleaning the toilet surface, and installing the water splitter, mounting bracket, and the seat itself.

A bidet seat replaces your existing toilet seat, attaching to the bowl. It draws water from the toilet's supply line.

A bidet that’s a standalone ceramic fixture requires you to remodel and replumb your bathroom to install it. You can also buy a toilet with a built-in bidet and hire a plumber to install it or buy a bidet seat or attachment and install it yourself.

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