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Home Maintenance Checklist

Hello friends,

It is great to know about home maintenance, because it keeps your home running efficiently and increase your home value.

There is a lot to consider when you are moving into new home. While Safety and security are the number 1 priorities, also we need to make sure the home is a healthy place to live to be comfortable and happy.

Today, I wanted to share with you some must know home maintenance tips for a new house. Even if your home is not new to you, it is a great way to know how to maintain your home for long time.

1. Change the locks.

2. Set up your home security system.

3. Make sure your home is child, pet and elderly friendly.

While conducting a deep clean, take some time to make sure your home is safe. Make a list and fix anything that might cause an accident and or be a fire hazard.

Make sure to find a proper place to store a fire extinguisher.

4. Vacuum out that dryer vent and make sure no lint has built up. This is because dryer lint is fire hazard. If possible, replace your dryer vent with good quality metal vent.

Locate shut-off valves!

If there is an emergency leak or you’re doing repairs and you need to shut off your water, it’s necessary to locate your shut-off valves.

5. Locate the circuit-breaker.

Occasionally, you may need to replace a fuse or reset a circuit breaker. And if there’s a power outage, you don’t want to be searching through the dark to find it. Also, be sure you know the difference between a circuit-breaker and a fuse box, in the event you need to restore power.

It is good to know based on my own experience. One day my dryer stopped heating. It still spun but it wasn’t hot. I had to replace the dryer. With new dryer same problem occurred. Then found out that all I had to do was replace fuse and I did not have to throw away my drier.

6. Inspect and change your air filters.

You can’t be sure when they were last changed and you don’t want extra dust clouding up your home, it’s best to just start with fresh filters. Mark the date you installed them on the filter and your calendar so you can keep track and change them regularly.

We all want to live healthy.

While your new space may have had a cleaning prior to sale, you will still want to give it a good deep cleaning so it’s up to your health standards.

Mostly importantly, think of what you are breathing.

Change the registers for the walls and ceilings. Clean the air vents because you never know what you are breathing. In my case, I am so glad that opened this up and cleaned, because I am sure it hasn’t been cleaned for decades.

Change the return air filter grille too.

7. Do a deep cleaning.

Of course, the first things to sanitize are the kitchen and bathroom. You must clean and disinfect inside the refrigerator, cabinets, garbage disposal and drains, tub, shower, and toilet.

Change the toilet seats. This may seem like a silly one, but the toilets are probably the grimiest spot in a house.

8. Pest control.

Make sure you and your family are the only ones moving into your new house. We certainly do not want unwanted guests. Plug holes for all pests and spray to prevent any future uninvited home invaders.

Make sure to seal and caulk baseboards, door trims, window trims and outlets. Most importantly pipes in the cabinets and under the sinks. If you don’t seal it, you’re basically giving them an invitation.

We live in Arizona, so scorpions are a big problem. After we moved in, we used to see scorpions inside our house every day. They’re very scary and even more dangerous. I spent a couple of days sealing everything in every each room and space. It really helped.

Inspect your closets and cabinets very carefully and seal them well, especially when you are living in an apartment complex, condo, and town houses. This is because every unit is connected by pipes. If a credit card can get through, so can they.

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